Electric Motion EM5.7最新動画




EM 5,7 ¥1,026,000(税込)
EM SPORTS 5,7 ¥1,119,960(税込)

2015 model EM5.7,(EM5.7sports) specification
Frame: Chromo Steel perimeter,
Weight: 73kg Wet (71kg),
Front Suspension: R16V 40mm、(marzocchi 40mm or Tech 39mm),
Rear Suspension: Aluminium Swingarm, with R16V,
Front Brake: AJP 4 piston hydraulic (182mm disc),
Rear Brake: AJP 2 piston hydraulic (150mm disc),
Rims: 1,6”x21’’ Tube & 2,15’’x18’’ tubeless.
Power Train: Brushless DC HPM05kw,
Power: 5kw nominal (approx. 10kw peak),
Torque: 16nm nominal (approx. 20nm peak),
Mapping Available (4): Novice, Trek, Wet Trial, Dry Trial,
Primary Drive: Toothed Belt,
Secondary Drive: Chain,
Maximum Speed: 55kmh,
Time Range: 60-160 minutes,
Power Source: 48v 25ah, Lithium Polymer Battery,
Charging Time (10Amp Charger): 40 minutes to 80% ,130 minutes to100%